WHo we are

We have serviced our clientele for over 40 years in the heart of downtown Clark. Our purpose here at Wigs Naturally is to help our clients gain back control of their life.

No matter who you are – Wigs Naturally is a safe place to come in and take control of your life to feel like yourself again. Our wig masters have helped thousands of women going through similar life changes. We work side by side with the Cancer Society and Bosom Buddies, a support group located in Cranford, NJ that help women who are just getting diagnosed, women going through the process, and survivors.

Lori Baptiste

The process

We offer a variety of services that start at the expert consultation with one of our leading wig masters.

You will have the opportunity to choose your new look with your wig master, who will specifically curate wigs based on your needs. Our goal is to replicate the best version of yourself or redefine yourself with a new and refreshing look!
Once fitted, we will have you will browse our variety of beautiful wigs to select from with the help and guidance from one of our wig masters.
After which, your wig master will then transfer you back to the chair and begin the customization process. This is where we will style the wig to your liking, whether it be a trim, cut, or style. We will customize until you feel like YOU.


Afterward, we make sure that you are stocked up on all the products to maintain your beautiful wig and explain the upkeep. Some essential products that we offer are the conditioner revitalizing and the revitalizing shine and shape. We will also give important recommendations. For example, If you’re wearing a wig daily, we recommend that you bring in your wig to be serviced once every two weeks. We provide drop-off and local delivery services when you drop your wig off. It is a 48-hour turnaround, and we do have express services same day for a small fee of $15 extra. We also offer complimentary minor customizations within the first month of purchasing your wig.

Future Services

We are now introducing new services that we’re so excited about! We will be slowly rolling out customizable human hair handmade pieces to our clients and also provide beauty services, where you can have your makeup, hair, and a photoshoot done to show off your best loving self. Ultimately, we want our salon to feel like a spa day for you. It should not feel like a cold appointment. It should not feel like something you’re just checking off to get done. It should feel like you’re taking time out for yourself. Yes, it is about self-care, yes you’re going through this, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all bad. It can take quite some time, and while you’re here, this is your time. It’s time to get back to yourself. It’s time to just be in the moment, feel beautiful, feel good!

OUR Pricing

New Client Consultation (non refundable but transfers to purchase)
Wash & Style (starting)
Hair Cut (starting)
Highlights (starting)
Deep Conditioning